Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Latest Entrepreneurship News at Chico State

I thought you might be interested to hear what we’re up to this semester in the Entrepreneurship Program at Chico State. So far, 2013 is shaping up to be a terrific year, just look at what’s going on:
  • The eIncubator has launched. Led by David Rahn (see the last post in this blog), the 19 students in the program are off and flying.  The goal is the essence of “lean start-up” – conceive now and launch by the need of the semester.  If Dave has his way each site/app will go through at least two pivots or tweaks between now and then.
  • Growing Your Business, MGMT 452 is being taught this semester by Randy Hutchison whose accomplishments in business are legion; most recently as CEO of Travidia , now called Wanderful Media by the way. Randy has brought years worth of expertise  and his boundless connections to the course which will feature, count them, eight outside speakers including presidents and CEOs of eminently successful firms here in the North State.
  • Our social entrepreneurship course is being taught by Alexa Benson-Valvanis, who is still President and CEO of the North Valley Community Foundation; a Northern California based nonprofit public charity, managing more than $10 million in assets. Alexa brings her boundless enthusiasm to campus and has already positively inspired a number of her students (who have stopped by my office to tell me how thrilled they are to have her as a teacher.) By the way, Alexa took Matt York’s place – more on him in a bit.
  •  Intro to Entrepreneurship course, MGMT 450 is still being taught by the world’s busiest human being David Halimi – who besides teaching is also running his three businesses and is in the midst of re-modeling the new downtown headquarters for Wanderful Media.
Matt York is now traveling the world with the media players
So, the curriculum is buzzing and now I’m pleased to announce the schedule for Entrepreneurship Week 2013 (eWeek) is just about complete. You can read all about it at the Center web site http://www.csuchico.edu/cfe/ in the Announcements box. There’s so much to say about eWeek that it will take a future post, but I wanted to end by putting in a quick plug for the aforementioned Matt York.

Matt couldn’t teach this Spring because his own social entrepreneuring venture One Media Player per Teacher, OMPT, has taken off; he’s just too busy – but Matt has agreed to host a night devoted to Social Entrepreneurship during eWeek.

More to follow….

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